Climate Leadership at the Local Level: Global Impact of the Compact of Mayors

The Compact of Mayors was launched at the UN Climate Summit on September 23, 2014. As of early November 2016, 596 cities across the world have made a commitment to the Compact of Mayors. Cities and towns pledge to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, track their progress and improve local resilience to climate change. This annual report presents the collective greenhouse gas impact of these cities.

596 cities representing 444 million people
have committed to the Compact of Mayors

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  1. First, cities commit to join the Compact.
  2. Second, they measure and report on their greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Third, they set targets to reduce future emissions.
  4. And fourth, they create a plan explaining how they will achieve their targets.
  5. Once a city meets these four requirements it becomes compliant with the Compact.
    51 cities completed all 4 compliance steps ahead of schedule

Regional impacts of Compact of Mayors cities

Cities in all regions could avoid significant emissions compared to business-as-usual scenarios

Regional Emissions


Reductions below business-as-usual Compact of Mayors target emissions
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Global impacts of Compact of Mayors cities

Compact of Mayors cities could avoid emitting nearly one billion tons of emissions in 2030